Case Study – Data Capture


Botify is the premiere technical SEO platform for enterprise companies. They approached FunnelFox with two challenges:

1. Transferring emails from the inbox to Salesforce was costing too much time

2. A process was need to safeguard against selective communication recording



New York, USA


150 employees


Software / Internet

“We need an accurate view of sales person to client communications”

Nick Turner – SVP of Global Sales at Botify


Botify implemented the FunnelFox CRM Sync for all SDR’s and Account Executives.

• “In under 30 seconds a new team member can be added, integrated and be using the platform”  – Nick, SVP of Global Sales

• All communications are now captured by FunnelFox and stored in the right place in the CRM. Consistently for all 50+ sales reps.


For Botify, our system automatically records over 40,000 client interactions and contact updates to Salesforce every month. Calculating that to workhours, the company gained the workload equivalent of 5 full time employees.