Case Study – Data Capture


Cognism provides marketing and sales acceleration software for B2B companies. They approached FunnelFox with two challenges:

  1. Time was being wasted by manually documenting emails and meetings in Salesforce.
  2. Team members were frustrated and regularly failed to record an interaction.



London, UK


100 employees


Software / Internet

“It’s critical that all customer communication is recorded”

Aileen Duffy – Head of Outbound Services at Cognism


Cognism rolled out our CRM Sync to the entire team.

  • Aileen, Head of Outbound, emphasizes: “It was easy to pick up. Team members just sign in. It’s a simple addition to what people are doing already.”
  • That same week the time wastage was resolved and employees were freed of their frustration, without changing their processes.


By using FunnelFox, the team had freed up 17% capacity while assuring data quality and consistency across the organization. As Aileen puts it best: “FunnelFox saves time, reduces stress, and makes life more organized”