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Have informed conversations with

Account Intelligence


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Know everything about your customer

It’s embarrassing to find out during a customer conversation that they just spoke with someone in sales. Or to reach out about a renewal when there are 5 open support tickets. To prevent these kind of situations, FunnelFox shows all account related information directly in your inbox. This way you are well-informed when you decide to engage.

User your personal
scheduling page

To book a meeting, a number of emails usually have to be sent back and forth. With your FunnelFox Scheduling page, your customer can simply pick a time that’s available in your calendar. Save time and provide a better customer experience!

Track who reads
your emails

Know who’s reading your emails with our email open tracking. You’ll get notified immediately if someone opens your email, giving you the perfect trigger to follow up. In your inbox you can also easily see which message have not been read and might need some more work.


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With FunnelFox Account Intelligence you won’t have to switch between multiple solutions to get the full picture of an account. You’ll just have it available in your inbox. Try it for free today!

Installs in 1 minute

Creating an account is as easy as a few clicks. If you install the browser extension, account details will start showing automatically.

Connects with Salesforce

Nobody wants to maintain detail in multiple places, which is why we have a seamless integration with Salesforce.

Includes a free trial

You need to experience it to know if it works for you. We get it. That’s why you can try FunnelFox for free for 10 days.


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