100% visibility with
Account Tracking

Enrichment. Activities. Alerts.

We needed an accurate view of the salesperson to client communications.”

Nick Turner, SVP of Global Sales at Botify

Enrich account data

Knowing everything about your accounts is important, which is why FunnelFox automatically enriches your accounts. Have key info like company name, size, industry, or social profiles available when you need it.

Capture all activities

Automatically keep track of every customer interaction your team has with an account. No more manual recording of emails, meetings, contacts, or other repetitive data entry tasks! With FunnelFox you have 100% visibility.

Set inactivity alerts

Knowing when to reactivate a conversation is a hard thing to keep track of. FunnelFox allows you to set a maximum period of inactivity before you get reminded to reach out. This way you make sure nothing slips through the cracks.

“We can’t live without having visibility into email activities. This is the most important kind of communication with our customers.”

Aleksander Bury, Sales Operations Manager at Paddle

Account Tracking…

Enters your data

You shouldn’t be copy-pasting data in the 21st century. With FunnelFox, account and contact data is captured automatically.

Works on any device

You can talk with customers on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. FunnelFox will track every customer interaction fully automatically.

automatic-pipeline-tracking Tracks progress

Knowing when action is required is what matters. FunnelFox will suggest next actions based on the activities in your accounts.