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1 – 3 steps to master the sales follow up email
2 – Understanding 9 types of follow up email
3 – How to write a follow up email – 10 essential tips
4 – How to craft the perfect follow up email subject line
5 – When to send a follow up email
6 – 10 tips to send a follow up email when you get no response
7 – 6 ways to use follow up emails to retain customers
8 – How to use follow up tools

Welcome to a series of articles from FunnelFox on the secret weapon of the top sales performers, the follow up email.

Unless you can sell your product on the first contact with your customer, you will need to follow up with them. Studies show that on average, you need to follow up with a customer at least 5 times before you close the deal.

So, it’s a surprise that not all salespeople put in the requisite number of follow ups. They lose their patience and give up.

On the other hand, those salespeople that do follow up don’t always do it effectively. They waste their opportunity to sell by making elementary mistakes.

Email is an effective method of following up because:

  • They’re virtually free to send
  • They don’t take long to compose
  • They show that you respect your customer’s time

Our new series of articles contains all the tips you need to become a follow up email superhero.

For an overview of follow up emails, check out our article 3 Steps to Master The Sales Follow Up Email. You’ll find some useful tips you can use today, as well as some stories of when I’ve used follow up emails myself to bring in revenue.

The great thing about follow up emails is that they’re so versatile. You can use them in many different situations to achieve a variety of goals. In the article Understanding 9 Types of Follow Up Emails, we talk about 9 of them.

If you want to harness the power of follow up emails, but don’t know how to begin writing one, this is the article for you. How To Write A Follow Up Email – 10 Essential Tips. You’ll learn how clarity is your friend, as well as how you can always provide value.

Possibly the most important part of a follow up email is the subject line. If your subject line doesn’t grab your customer, your follow up email might end up in the trash before it’s even arrived. Check this article, How To Craft the Perfect Follow Up Email Subject Line, for killer subject line tips.

Did you know that the time of the day and week you send your follow up email can make or break whether it gets read? Find out when the optimum time to press ‘Send’ is in this article. When To Send a Follow Up Email.

You wrote a great follow up email, but you got no response. Now what? Find out how to wake a sleeping customer in this article. 10 Tips to Send a Follow Up Email When You Get No Response

You can also use follow up emails as a retention tool, keeping your customer delighted with your brand. Find out how in 6 Way To Use Follow Up Emails to Retain Customers.

Finally, you don’t have to do all the work yourself. Here’s how smart software can help make your follow up emails much more effective. How To Use Follow Up Tools

We hope you enjoy the FunnelFox series of articles on follow up emails. We know you’ll find some tips you can use straight away, and start reaping the rewards.