MS Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the standard for on-premise email servers. FunnelFox connects to your email servers on MS Exchange 2003 and later to eliminate any CRM data entry tasks and help you close more deals from your pipeline.


Sync Emails to CRM

Sync Meetings to CRM

Leads or Contacts to CRM

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

“FunnelFox is so easy to use.”

– Kent Frost, Salesforce Admin

Sync Emails to CRM

FunnelFox can automatically sync relevant emails to your CRM. Save hours of work by letting FunnelFox send the relevant emails directly from your Exchange servers to your CRM. No need to copy-paste. Simply connect your email account and your CRM and we’ll get to work. Any emails that are synced will be connected to the right Contact, Deal, or even Custom Objects.

Sync Meetings to CRM

In a similar way to how we sync your emails, the customer meetings in your Exchange calendar can also be synced to your CRM automatically. Just schedule a meeting like you always do. FunnelFox will automatically pick it up and match it with the right customer in your CRM. Any changes later on are updated automatically as well. No need to think about it.

Leads or Contacts to Salesforce

Ever had the feeling a deal went missing? It happens more often than you’d think. One of the main reasons is that sales reps just lose track of all the emails and contacts they’ve written. This is why FunnelFox makes sure the contacts are in your CRM at all times. Our technology analyzes the conversations in your Exchange account and checks if any contacts are missing in your CRM. When a new contact is added, we’ll even go back and sync any missed emails to make sure no communication goes missing ever again.

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

Staying on top of your conversations is key to successful sales. Unfortunately the follow up is often forgotten, and to a large part that’s because it’s not easy to keep track of your open conversations. That’s why FunnelFox analyzes your conversations and keeps track of the ones that did not get a response. After a time period that you can set, we’ll automatically create a task in Salesforce to follow up. This way you’ll always be on top.

MS Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is a hosted email server solution, provided by Microsoft and dedicated for business. It’s used by small businesses and some of the biggest companies in the world because it works seamlessly across multiple sites. It also brings peace of mind because your business’ emails are being stored, managed and guarded by one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Microsoft recently launched Exchange Server 2019 with notable upgrades to security and capacity.

Email accounts provided through Microsoft Exchange can be accessed anywhere there is an internet connection through any device, desktop or mobile. This helps speed up your sales operation as you can respond to potential customers wherever you may be.

Microsoft Exchange exists on the cloud as well as physical servers. This offers flexibility as well as huge amounts of storage space for email users. With limits of 50GB for a mailbox, 150GB of archive space and 150MB maximum email sizes, there is no need to worry about deleting important information to save space.

One of the biggest benefits of Microsoft Exchange is its security. Exchange’s security is second to none, especially when you compare it with online-only email options. It has automatic, always-live protection, with a dedicated team at Microsoft to keep Exchange safe from email threats. Security updates are continually and automatically added to keep you safe.

Exchange also boasts the most comprehensive spam filter on the market, keeping you and your colleagues safe from potentially harmful emails. Exchange encrypts emails at every level to ensure your data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Finally, You can set multi-factor authentication to safeguard your system from unverified outsiders. Peace of mind when cybercriminals are targeting small and large businesses alike.

Being a Microsoft product, Exchange is extremely reliable. Uptime is guaranteed at 99.9% or above. It also automatically updates, ensuring your organisation has all the latest features as well as the highest level of security at all times. There is no need for your IT department to check for updates and spend time installing new patches, it all happens automatically.

The actual Exchange email app is packed with features, but it’s still fast and easy to use. Its calendar features are particularly strong. It’s easy to set permissions, meaning other colleagues can see your calendar and put events in your schedule. Its search facility can even scan emails in your archive so you can always find the information you need, whenever you need it.

Every user can customise their own Exchange app and inbox. By creating automated rules, Exchange can automatically move emails to different folders, play different sounds for important emails and much more. This boosts efficiency and saves time for you and your team members. Being part of the Microsoft family, Exchange works seamlessly with other Microsoft products, such as Word, Excel and Skype for instant messaging.

Microsoft Exchange is the total managed email solution for business. It’s constantly improving and is essential for businesses that don’t want to let having to maintain their email account interfere with making sales and growing.