Office 365

The email, calendar and contacts offering on Microsoft Office 365 provide widely adopted fundamentals along with the many other app available in Office 365. FunnelFox connects directly to Microsoft’s servers to keep track of pipeline progress and make sure you know exactly what to do next.


Sync Emails to CRM

Sync Meetings to CRM

Leads or Contacts to CRM

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

“The support we received to get up and running has been phenomenal.”

– Nico, CEO

Sync Emails to CRM

Stop logging emails manually with the automatic sync by FunnelFox. Save hours of work with our cloud-based integrations that retrieves the relevant emails directly from the Office 365 servers. No need to copy-paste. Simply connect your Office 365 account and your CRM to FunnelFox and we’ll get to work. Only relevant customer emails will start showing up in your CRM automatically. Connected to the right Contact, Deal, or even Custom Objects.

Sync Meetings to CRM

The same way you sync your emails, the meetings in your Office 365 calendar can be synced as well. Again, no need to think about it. Once you schedule a meeting, FunnelFox will automatically pick it up. If it matches with customer’s in your pipeline, the data will be synced to the right place in your CRM. If you change the meeting later on, your CRM is updated automatically as well. One less thing to worry about.

Leads or Contacts to Salesforce

Did you ever wonder where that deal went you discussed recently? Too often, deals slip through the cracks because they are not registered and at some point forgotten. This starts with making sure the contacts are in your CRM in the first place. This is why FunnelFox analyzes all conversations in Office 365 and checks if any contacts are missing in your CRM. When a new contact is added, we’ll even go back and sync any missed emails to make sure no communication goes missing ever again.

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

Staying on top of your conversations is key to successful sales. Unfortunately the follow up is often forgotten, and to a large part that’s because it’s not easy to keep track of your open conversations. That’s why FunnelFox analyzes your conversations and keeps track of the ones that did not get a response. After a time period that you can set, we’ll automatically create a task in Salesforce to follow up. This way you’ll always be on top.

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s suite of business applications, bundled together in one package for total control and convenience. It’s one of the most wide-ranging office packages on the market today. Whatever solutions you need to run your business, it’s possible you can find them on Office 365.

Launched in 2011, Office 365 contains the software you probably grew up with, such as Word, Excel, Outlook and PowerPoint. However, it’s not just the classics. In today’s Office 365 package you’ll find solutions for project management, team communication and more. You’ll find StaffHub, that helps managers organise staff shifts. There’s Yammer, the enterprise social network. Video chat is taken care of with Skype.

Businesses love Microsoft Office 365 because its apps are simple to use. Outlook and the like have been around for so long, using them is second nature. Teams do not have to waste time learning how to use the apps. They already know.

Another benefit of Office 365 is that you can buy it on a subscription plan which gives you automatic updates. It’s a cost-effective, efficient way to purchase office software. Businesses do not have to worry about the lifecycle of their software and whether it will become obsolete. Because the software updates automatically, you will always have the latest version with the new must-have features.

It’s also easier to install and maintain, saving time and effort for your IT team. The Office 365 portal allows administrators to manage the accounts for all of their users. They can see how many accounts are in use, what versions are live and the data storage capacity. If any parts of the account need to be upgraded, it can be done in just one click.

While you can install Microsoft Office 365 apps on your computer in the traditional way, more and more organisations are choosing the option of using it wholly online. With this option, you can use Office 365 apps anywhere where there is an internet connection. Microsoft built mobile apps for use on phones and tablets to make sure the user experience stays natural, no matter what device you’re working on. Because the Office 365 portal records every change and keeps everything synced together, sharing and collaborating between team members is easy.

Microsoft Office 365 is built around Microsoft’s own Azure cloud servers. As well as being secure and reliable, it means Microsoft can offer massive data storage capacity for their enterprise clients. Users will never have to worry about losing important data, or reaching storage limits.

It’s no surprise that Microsoft Office 365 is so popular with businesses. Its reliability and ease of use take the stress out of running office software. Plus, the breadth of apps and features in the Office 365 bundle mean organisations do not have to buy any other office software. It’s the one package that does it all.