The most popular email client and for many sales reps the starting point of the day: Outlook. Use FunnelFox to automatically capture your activities so you don’t have to go back and forth between email and CRM.


Sync Emails to CRM

Sync Meetings to CRM

Leads or Contacts to CRM

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

“I don’t have to worry about FunnelFox. I can set it and forget it.”

– Jared,
Sales Director

Sync Emails to CRM

Save hours of work every week with the email sync by FunnelFox. Unlike others, FunnelFox works fully in the cloud so you don’t need to copy or click anything to get your emails synced. Simply connect your email and CRM account and FunnelFox will start working for you. It will scan your conversations and save the relevant ones to the right place in the CRM. Connected to the right Contact, Deal, or even Custom Objects.

Sync Meetings to CRM

Syncing your calendar works similar to syncing emails. As soon as customer meetings are in your Outlook calendar, FunnelFox will automatically sync them to your CRM and match them to the relevant Contact by analysing the invitees on the calendar entry. Any changes made from thereon are automatically updated in the CRM as well. You won’t have to think about it.

Leads or Contacts to Salesforce

Ever had the feeling a deal slipped through the cracks? It probably has, and the most common cause for this is that contacts are missing in the CRM and therefore not reported on. This is why FunnelFox analyzes all  conversations in your Outlook and figures out if contacts are missing in your CRM. When a new contact is added, we’ll even go back and sync any missed emails to make sure no communication goes missing ever again.

Automatic Follow Up Reminders

Following up is a core competence for top performing sales people. Still, most sales reps don’t do this enough and part of the problem is tracking. How do you know which of the emails you’ve sent did not get a response? With FunnelFox, you know. Our A.I. analyzes your conversations and tracks the ones where a customer has not responded. After a certain number of days, a task to follow up is created in Salesforce. Never miss a follow up again.


Microsoft Outlook is the email app within Microsoft Office 365. Because of its association with Windows in the 1990s and 2000s, it became the industry standard in email.

The advantage of Microsoft Outlook and the reason why businesses like to use it, is that it is so well known. It is likely that everyone has used it in a job at one time or another. Therefore, using Outlook comes naturally. You don’t need to show new starters how to use it. The same goes for the Contacts and Calendar features in Outlook; people instinctively know how to use them. They ‘just work’, allowing sales reps to stay on top of their email and schedule with ease.

Today, Outlook is available as a free solution for personal use, as well as a paid-for app for businesses. Outlook is mobile as well as desktop compatible, with automatic sync between the two. The Outlook mobile app also offers offline access to emails you have already sent and received. You can also compose emails to be automatically sent when you are back online.

A popular feature of Microsoft Outlook is the Focused Inbox. When this feature is enabled, Outlook scans each email as it arrives in your inbox. Your important emails remain in your inbox, while newsletters and promotional emails are segmented into a separate mailbox, for you to peruse when you are not busy. Outlook also scans incoming emails for action points which you can put in your task list and mark as complete.

Outlook is exceptionally customisable. Users can create rules, add flags and move the screen around, so it displays exactly how they like it. The search facility in Outlook is very easy to use, making sure you can always find the email you need, when you need it. Outlook also receives praise for its image gallery, which displays all the images within an email in an effective way.

Being a Microsoft product and part of its Office 365 suite, Outlook integrates well with other Microsoft apps, including Excel, Word and Skype. With the might of Microsoft and its Azure cloud servers behind it, Outlook is one of the most secure and reliable email solutions on the market.

Another benefit of Microsoft Outlook is that you can use it to run multiple email accounts with any host. You get all the features of Outlook, even if your email address is with a different provider. This facility is easy to set up if your email is registered with a mainstream provider, or if your email is IMAP-equipped.

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular email solutions for businesses because it’s easy to use and packed with useful features. Its Calendar feature especially is an industry standard in business. As long as organisations use email, there will be Outlook.