Our Approach

At FunnelFox, we do things differently. Given your target list of accounts, our system keeps your CRM data in the best possible shape without requiring manual work.

In account-based sales good data is everything. Companies often miss opportunities e.g. by not having sufficient prospects to reach out to at their target accounts, or by not tracking sales triggers like job changes or company developments.

FunnelFox knows what matters to make account-based selling work. Let us manage the data so you can focus to what matters: closing deals with as many accounts as possible.

Identify Prospects

FunnelFox can provide all the prospects that fit your customer persona at your target accounts. Our system will run a search on live data to find the most recent contacts for each account. This approach means we return more prospects and that our data is only a few days old when you get it, instead of three months or more like with many alternatives.

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Account Activities

Companies often use a front-end plugin to reduce data-entry when updating activities in their CRM. However, as long as data has to be logged manually, it cannot be complete or consistent. FunnelFox captures email, meetings, and contacts automatically in the backend, without requiring any input from the sales rep. It even adds new contacts to your CRM automatically if they belong to a certain account. Get complete visibility and free your sales reps from hours of manual work every week.

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Sales Triggers

FunnelFox can continuously keep track of your accounts and contacts. Monitor for important job changes or new-joiners and keep track of sales triggers on your accounts. As a side-effect, this keeps your CRM up-to-date to ensure that large database cleanup projects are a thing of the past.

Customizable and GDPR-compliant

Our fully GDPR-compliant software can integrate with CRMs, BI solutions, and other tools in your customer stack. Due to our API-first approach, there is no need to change working procedures or processes. On top of all that, we offer customizations to suit your current setup.