To grow your business, you need a robust way to keep track of your pipeline. This article covers 10 benefits of tracking this process in Salesforce:

1 – Better customer understanding

2 – Improved communication

3 – Better customer service

4 – Save time

5 – Run your team more efficiently

6 – Manage your pipeline better

7 – Know your numbers

8 – Track the entire customer journey

9 – Ease of use

10 – Use it anywhere

11 – The industry standard

Salesforce is a phenomenon as a CRM and a business. As a way of recording sales data, it has made the filing cabinet and spreadsheet obsolete, outperforming even the most bespoke systems.  As an organization, Salesforce is unrivalled in its sector. 150,000 businesses use Salesforce, including 97 of the Fortune 100. Its market share is nudging 20%. There are numerous reasons why Salesforce has become the industry standard CRM; we’re going to talk about some of them now. However, it all adds up to one thing. Keeping track of your sales process is essential, but Salesforce takes it to the next level. It puts the power of data in your hands. Let’s find out more about your sales team needs to monitor their sales process in Salesforce.

1 – You will understand your customers better

In sales, knowledge is power. The more you know about your customers, the easier it is to solve their problems, as well as close deals. Salesforce allows you to record every contact you have with every customer. It presents all that information in one place. One place to see everything you could ever need to know, a 360-degree view of your customer base, continuously updated, whenever you need it.

When you track your sales process in Salesforce, you can set up reports to analyse your customer data in any way you choose. For example, you can spot patterns in how and when they buy, and use them to your advantage.

2 – Salesforce improves communication

Running your sales process in Salesforce improves the way your sales team communicates on all levels:

  • Internally, within your team
  • Within your organisation
  • With your customers

For example, within your team, the chat function and notifications can be used to keep everyone informed of deals and tasks, essential when sales reps are often out of the office. Within the organisation, Salesforce’s reports can keep the C-suite informed of how your team is doing against target.

Most importantly, with your customers, Salesforce enables you to easily locate up-to-date contact information, so if you need to communicate with them, you can do it quickly.

3 – Salesforce boosts your customer service levels

If a customer contacts your sales team with a query, you need to help them quickly and effectively. However, if the person they usually deal with isn’t in the office, this could be a problem. Salesforce allows every member of your team to see all the information about the customer, which helps them understand the situation and find a solution more quickly. It means anyone can help them.

Salesforce also allows for the simple sharing of information between team members, so if one person cannot help a customer, they can bring someone into the conversation who can.

4 – Salesforce saves time

Time is the one resource a sales team can’t get back, so anything that saves time is gold dust. Probably the main benefit of monitoring your sales process in Salesforce is the time it saves for you and your team.

The automation features included in Salesforce are massive time savers. You can read our articles on Salesforce Workflow and Salesforce Process Builder to find out more and see some examples of what you can do.

However, the purpose of Salesforce’s automation processes is to minimize the amount of data entry a sales rep has to do, meaning they can spend more time with customers. Automation also reduces the number of errors in the data.

This means less wasted time for you, your team and your customers.

5 – Your team will run more efficiently

One of the pitfalls of running a sales team is that people join, leave and change roles regularly, making it difficult to keep everybody on the same page. When you keep track of your sales process in Salesforce, sharing information becomes a lot easier. Salesforce allows you to set permissions so anyone can see every piece of data, emails, proposals, anything.

This is especially handy when you run a sales team based in multiple locations, or if other teams in your organisation (e.g. Marketing, Customer Support) need to access your data to help a customer.

6 – Your pipeline will run more smoothly

Your reps could be managing pipelines containing large numbers of leads, opportunities and deals. Anything that helps them keep track of their customers and move them along the pipeline faster can only be a good thing.

Because Salesforce presents all a customer’s information, as well as every interaction with you, in one place, your reps will always have the correct information at their fingertips during a call or before a meeting.

You can use Salesforce to set automated reminders for tasks. For example, if no one in your team has spoken to a specific opportunity in a month, it will create a task for someone to contact them. This helps ensure nothing slips through the net. After all, the money is in the follow-ups.

Salesforce gives you and your team a visual representation of each stage of your pipeline. If there is a blockage, or if it isn’t being filled quickly enough at the beginning, you will know about it before it becomes a big problem.

7 – You will know your numbers

When you run a sales team, it’s essential to have a handle on your numbers. Different managers place emphasis on different numbers, whether it’s call rate, win percentage or anything else. Of course, the most important numbers are revenue and how it measures up against your target.

When you use Salesforce to record your sales process, you will have every number at your fingertips whenever you need it. Salesforce updates revenue figures, and every other figure, automatically, meaning you can always know where you are against target. You can set up reports to show you any other metric you need.

What’s more, your reps will have these figures too, which will make them more accountable. Set up charts and dashboards to represent their output visually.

8 – You can use Salesforce at different stages of your customer journey

Of course, Salesforce is primarily known for tracking sales activity. However, the Salesforce family of apps can help you serve your customers at every stage of their relationship with you.

For example:

  • Marketing Cloud – to get their attention
  • Service Cloud – to help them achieve the most from your products
  • Salesforce Analytics – to gain a deeper understanding and discover ways to assist them in the future

What’s more, Salesforce is continually innovating to develop new products, all with the goal of helping you to help your customers.

9 – It’s easy to use

One of the reasons that Salesforce has cemented its place as the number one in the CRM industry is that it’s so simple to use. Users do not need to spend a lot of time learning how to use Salesforce; it’s designed to come naturally. Now Salesforce has been commonplace in sales teams for so long, most new starters in your team will already know how to use it anyway!

The main screen of Salesforce puts the most critical information in front of you. Then, you can delve deeper if you need to. Find out everything you need to know about your contacts, deals, opportunities and tasks. Salesforce gives you all the functionality you could ever need, plus the ability to create your own features.

Everything in Salesforce is customisable, so you can organise your CRM however you wish.

10 – You can use it anywhere

Before Salesforce, CRMs were databases installed on servers, which desktop computers would link to. You could only use your CRM at your desk in your office. If you needed an essential piece of information during a call with a customer, bad luck.

Salesforce changed all that. Salesforce is 100% cloud-based, which means it lives online, not on a server. You can access Salesforce from anywhere with an internet connection.

What’s more, Salesforce’s mobile solution gives you all the essential functionality of the desktop version. This makes Salesforce totally portable.

What’s stopping you?

If you’re not tracking your sales process in Salesforce already, what’s standing in your way? There are so many reasons why using Salesforce can give you a boost. Try it today; your team will thank you.