When you combine your world-beating CRM with your market-leading email service, you can make significant improvements to your sales process. Let’s find out about Salesforce for Gmail.

1 – What is Salesforce for Gmail?

  • Features
  • Beyond Salesforce for Outlook

2 – Benefits of Salesforce for Gmail

  • Time
  • Data accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Turbocharging productivity

3 – Find the right solution for you

At FunnelFox, we’ve written extensively about Salesforce for Outlook and how it used to be a good solution to integrate your CRM with Microsoft’s email system. However, what if you don’t use Outlook? What if you’re a Gmail user?

Gmail recently overtook Apple Mail to be the world’s most-used email client. Many businesses prefer to use Gmail over Microsoft Outlook because of its myriad of innovative features. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Salesforce developed methods of integration with Gmail.

In this article, we are going to look at how Salesforce for Gmail integration works, as well as the benefits it provides. We’ll also look at how Salesforce for Gmail differs from the Outlook integration solutions we’ve talked about before. Let’s dive in.

What is Salesforce for Gmail?

Salesforce for Gmail integration is similar to Salesforce for Outlook in that it brings certain Salesforce functions to your Gmail screen. It enables you to automate the transfer of information between the two systems, or if you prefer to transfer information manually, it makes it much easier.


Just like in Salesforce for Outlook, Salesforce for Gmail puts a Salesforce sidebar on your Gmail screen. The integration analyses your incoming emails and matches them with the correct records in Salesforce. Reps can then see a customer’s Salesforce information while they read their email.

Via the sidebar, Salesforce for Gmail also allows reps to perform various functions without leaving the Gmail screen:

  • Create and update records – leads, opportunities and more
  • Access tasks
  • Create and access calendar events
  • Sync your Gmail contacts to Salesforce, or vice versa
  • Assign information contained in email messages to your Salesforce contacts and records

Beyond Salesforce for Outlook

Where Salesforce for Gmail integration goes beyond the legacy Salesforce for Outlook solution is with some extra features that can really turbocharge your sales team’s productivity.

Salesforce for Gmail offers features that add a new dimension to the way reps can organise their calendar and schedule meetings. Using the integration, reps can insert open time slots from their calendar into an email. Recipients can select their preferred time from this email, and the integration automatically schedules a meeting in the rep’s calendar. The available times also update automatically to reflect changes to the schedule. This even works after the email has been sent.

There are extra email features too. Reps can also use Salesforce for Gmail to track when an email has been opened, which helps when choosing a time to follow up. They can also schedule times for emails to be sent, which helps them reach their customers at the optimum time for a response. Salesforce for Gmail enables you to construct email templates, so you always reach your recipients with the most effective message. There’s no need for hastily written emails full of typos anymore!

Finally, Salesforce for Gmail syncs with the Salesforce1 mobile app, allowing reps to stay in touch with their Salesforce data even when they’re on the road. Reps can upload information from their Gmail account to the company’s Salesforce from anywhere where there is phone reception.

Benefits of Salesforce for Gmail

Salesforce for Gmail integration can bring significant benefits to your sales team. Like with Salesforce for Outlook, these benefits can be divided into three sections.

Saving time

If you use Salesforce and Gmail but do not take advantage of integration functionality, you will find there is significant duplication of work. Sales reps will be doing the same things in Salesforce as they do in Gmail. For example, to schedule a meeting, a rep may have to enter it into their Gmail calendar for themselves, then into the Salesforce calendar for the rest of the team.

Salesforce for Gmail integration removes the need for this duplication. Once the rep has entered the calendar entry into their Gmail calendar, it will automatically sync to the Salesforce calendar. You can also set it to work the other way around, or both. This is a major time-saver, meaning reps can spend more time doing what they do best, serving customers.

Salesforce for Gmail also removes the need to switch screens when transferring information between the two apps. This may sound like a trivial point, but the time switching between apps all adds up when you do it many times during a day.

Data accuracy

In a high-performance sales team, it’s essential that your data is as accurate as it can possibly be. Errors in your data can affect the way you serve your customers. It can also affect the way you forecast and report your revenue figures. It can even damage your business’ reputation. From a stray dot in an email address to an extra zero on a price, all errors have the potential to cause problems. Anything you can do to enhance the accuracy of your data is desirable.

When sales reps, who are busy and under pressure to hit targets, have to enter the same data into two systems, it doubles the chances that they will make an error. Salesforce for Gmail integration means they only have to enter the data once. As long as they take the utmost care to enter it correctly, the data will be accurate.

Salesforce for Gmail integration also minimises the likelihood of missing data in Salesforce. The more information a rep has on a customer, the more effectively they can serve them. However, because reps are busy and have other pressures to deal with, they may only enter the minimum amount of information necessary. Salesforce for Gmail automatically transfers information from Gmail to Salesforce, populating all relevant fields. It means the entire sales teams have all the information they need on customers, in the correct context.

All this means organisations can be more confident in their data.

Ease of use

Another benefit of Salesforce for Gmail is that it is straightforward to use. Most of the time, it works in the background, silently syncing information between the two apps. Reps will not even notice that it’s there. When reps need to transfer information manually, the Salesforce sidebar makes it simple. There is no learning curve; it ‘just works’.

The Salesforce for Gmail solution is also easy to install. You can find Salesforce for Gmail under Gmail Integration And Sync in the Quick Find box contained in your Salesforce settings. Once you have turned integration on, turn on Use Enhanced Email With Gmail in your new integration settings box. The only thing you need to make sure is that you are running your Salesforce CRM on the most up-to-date version of the Google Chrome browser. Contact your IT department or Salesforce admin to find out more. In just a few clicks, your reps can be reaping the benefits of Salesforce for Gmail.

Because Salesforce for Gmail is so easy to use, it means reps are more likely to use Salesforce to record all their actions, rather than use pen and paper or keeping information to themselves. This brings benefit to the entire sales team, who can use Salesforce to ensure they always know the state of play with their customers.

Turbocharging productivity

Features such as the function to allow email recipients to schedule meetings in available time slots bring a significant productivity boost. It saves time going back and forth, trying to find a slot that works for both parties. It also presents a standard of convenience which will delight your customers, as well as make life easier for your reps.

The extra email features, such as the ability to track email opens, help your reps sell more effectively. When your reps can time their emails to perfection, as well as reach customers with consistent, tried-and-tested messaging, they will close more deals.

The ability to sync with the Salesforce1 mobile app means that with Salesforce for Gmail, your reps can stay in touch with their CRM wherever they are. They can upload information to the CRM from Gmail when they are on the road, meaning the entire team can know what is happening at all times. This leads to a smoother, better functioning sales team.

Find the right solution for you

If you are not automating the integrating between email and your CRM you are wasting time and leaving money on the table. Don’t let your competitors get the edge. Automation is there to help you, use it.

This could be Salesforce for Gmail. Alternatively FunnelFox provides a solution to keep your CRM data up-to-date, by connecting directly to your email account through the cloud. This means no manual work at all is required in order to sync your data. It all happens in the background and FunnelFox ensures no data slips through the cracks.