100% visibility on your accounts with
Activity Tracking

Email. Calendar. Contacts.

We needed an accurate view of the salesperson to client communications.”

Nick Turner, SVP of Global Sales at Botify

Capture email & calendar

Take complete control of your pipeline by automatically keeping track of every customer interaction. That means no more manual recording of emails or meetings. Instead, you’ll see every conversation registered the same way for everyone in your company. And it runs fully automatic. So no more repetitive data entry tasks!


Add missing contacts

Having all contacts in your CRM helps you to know who’s involved in a deal. But adding them is a tedious task, there FunnelFox can add contacts automatically. Sales managers will never have to remind people to update a contact’s details. And the time saved enables sales reps to sell more every day.

Sync to Salesforce

While you can see all activities and contacts in FunnelFox, you might want to have the data in Salesforce as well. That’s why we have a full Salesforce integration as part of our solution, making sure your CRM has all activities and contacts under the right owner and related to the right objects. Effortlessly.

“We can’t live without having visibility into email activities. This is the most important kind of communication with our customers.”

Aleksander Bury, Sales Operations Manager at Paddle

Smart Activity Tracking…

Operates across all devices

You can use us on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. We’re able to track every customer interaction because we work on all your devices.

Offers customization

We’ll happily add customizations for data sources, integrations, and processes. That’s because we want to help you work better with the tools you already have.

automatic-pipeline-tracking Runs in the background

Activity tracking runs completely in the backend. So no need to change the way you work to track any of your activities. You can set it and forget it.