Sync emails, meetings, and contacts to your CRM

Let FunnelFox handle CRM updates without ever having to look at it. This takes more than half of a sales rep’s week. Imagine if that time was spent selling!


“I don’t have to worry about FunnelFox. I can set it and forget it.”

Jared – Sales Director

Increase Time Spent Selling by 3X

Automatically sync all customer related emails and meetings to your CRM. Know which deals to handle first and have all information ready for a good conversation. Focus on selling while FunnelFox handles all these tedious tasks for you in the background.


Get Accurate Pipeline Data

One of the biggest blind spots for most companies are the leads that never make it to the CRM. Another common issue with pipeline data is that deal stages have to be updated manually and are therefore often incorrect, which affects forecasting. FunnelFox solves these problems and finally enables real data-driven management in sales.

Retrieve Historic Data

When new contacts are added, FunnelFox retrieves any missing interactions from the past few months to make sure you have the complete overview of what happened. Fully automatically!