Sales Is Too Important To Rely On Gut Feeling

Consolidate your sales tools and let FunnelFox track your pipeline automatically. Stop running after deals and use reliable data to improve results.


“FunnelFox makes us more productive and allows us to help our customers better and create more revenue for the company.”

Moritz Plassnig – CEO, Codeship

Increase Your Closing Rate

Reach out to customers when your company is top of mind to increase the likelihood of success. FunnelFox suggests the right time based on email and website interactions.


Engage Your Customer

Know what’s top of mind for your customer based on how they’ve been using your website and software. Address their interests and concerns in your conversation and position yourself for success.

Detect Deals at Risk

FunnelFox detects when a customer stops answering and suggests the best moment to reach out to reactivate the conversation.