Find any contact at any account with
People Intelligence

Prospecting. Enrichment. Job Changes.

“FunnelFox’s unique approach to people data allows it to find every relevant prospect for your accounts and refresh the data whenever you want to.”

Vincent Jong, CEO

Generate new pipeline

When an existing customer moves company, there’s a new opportunity to sell your solution. Convert these job-leavers into warm leads for your sales team. FunnelFox alerts you when there’s a job change so you can congratulate them and start a new conversation.

Prevent churn

Ensure Customer Success always knows when a champion of your business changes jobs. FunnelFox notifies you of relevant job changes so that you can replace your point of contact with a new one. Keep your account managers informed and prevent any surprises when the next contract needs to be approved.

Find new prospects

Enable your reps to start a conversation as soon as a new decision-maker joins the team. You’ll be alerted when these key people enter an account in your pipeline and we’ll automatically add their available contact details to your CRM. With FunnelFox, your reps are the first to reach out and win them over.

Tailored to your specific needs

We can integrate into your tech stack or make customizations based on your current processes. And if necessary, we’ll even find the right data provider for you so that you get the customer insights you need.