Add more leads to your pipeline with
Proactive Prospecting

Find new leads automatically

Most of the people you reach out to in sales will not get back to you. But what if there was somebody else at the same account that you could reach out to? FunnelFox automatically looks for alternative prospects you can reach out to and suggests them. Get email and phone number in a single click and increase your chances of success!

Speed up your sales cycle

If you use Proactive Prospecting, you don’t send a 15 email cadence and wait for an answer. Instead, you gauge interest and if you get no response, you look for another contact. This leads to more active conversations and a shorter sales cycle. In the same time as you are working now, you can handle and close more deals. Give it a try today!

Access in your inbox

You don’t need another tool to switch to during your workday. That’s why FunnelFox shows suggested prospects directly in your Gmail inbox. Based on the recipients of a new or existing email, FunnelFox will figure out the relevant account and show new prospects that you can use in a side panel in your inbox. Simple as that!

The one thing sales reps always seem to be short of is good leads. With Proactive Prospecting you’ll get new leads suggested before you ever start searching. Try it for free today!

Proactive Prospecting…

Installs in 1 minute

We made installing as easy as a few clicks. Just create an account and install the browser extension and your sales triggers will start showing.

Provides contact details

When we choose a prospect, we provide email, social profiles, phone number, so you can reach out straight away.

automatic-pipeline-tracking Includes free trial

You need to experience it to know if it works for you. We get it. That’s why you can try FunnelFox for free for 14 days.