Find every contact at any account with
Prospect Intelligence

Prospecting. Enrichment. Job Changes.

“FunnelFox’s unique approach to people data allows it to find every relevant prospect for your accounts and refresh the data whenever you want to.”

Vincent Jong, CEO

Prospects for any account

FunnelFox has a new approach to find prospects for your pipeline. While traditional data providers have a fixed dataset for a part of the market, our system sources a unique dataset for your company. We can find prospects for any account, making FunnelFox the perfect data provider for Account-Based Selling.

Enrich any contact

FunnelFox can perform a targeted search to enrich any of the contacts in your database. Fill in crucial data gaps like the title field, which typically is empty for half of the contacts. Enrich your CRM and learn new insights about your contacts and your Ideal Customer Profile.

Keep track of job changes

When an existing customer moves company, there’s a new opportunity to sell your solution. You can now convert job-leavers into warm leads for your sales team. Our data is only a few days old when you receive it, so when there’s a job change, you can congratulate the customer and start a conversation about a new deal.

Customizable and fully compliant

We have plug-and-play integration with common CRMs and can customize our solution to your processes. Last but not least, FunnelFox is fully GDPR-compliant. If you have any further questions, ask us about it on a call: