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Know when to reach out with


Buying signal notifications

 Reach your customer when they are ready to buy. With FunnelFox Signal you’ll receive weekly reports with the latest news on your accounts. Use them to reach out to a new contact, or bring new live to an old conversation by showing that you know about your customer’s business. 

Set custom filters

Every company approaches its customers in a unique way. That’s why FunnelFox Signal allows you to customize the filters it uses. If you e.g only want to know if a company made an acquisition, then that’s all we’ll notify you about.

Directly in your inbox

You don’t need another tool to switch to during your workday. You can use FunnelFox directly in your Gmail inbox. Based on the recipients of a new or existing email, FunnelFox will show the latest News and Job Openings in a side panel in your inbox. Without a single click!

In the era of automated emails, being personal and relevant has become a differentiator. FunnelFox Signal enables you to be relevant while saving hours of manual research per lead. Try it for free today!

Installs in 1 minute

Creating an account is just a few clicks. If you install the browser extension, prospects will start showing automatically.

Updates automatically

The world is a dynamic place, so as soon as new triggers become available, you’ll be able to see them in FunnelFox.

Can be tried for free

You need to experience it to know if it works for you. We get it. That’s why you can try FunnelFox for free for 14 days.