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Get 100% visibility with


Capture all activities

Get full visibility of your pipeline by automatically logging every customer email and meeting to your CRM. Have activities registered the same way for anyone in the company. The best part? It runs completely in the background. So no additional work for your team.

Add missing contacts

Adding new contacts to the CRM can be a tedious task. That’s why FunnelFox automatically adds relevant contacts to your CRM, so your team doesn’t have to. We’ll even get the contact details from their email signature so you’ll always have the latest data available.

Fill in the gaps

Even with an automated solution like Track, you could be missing data. For example when a sales rep was not connected after changing their password or if a contact only got added to the CRM much later in the process. FunnelFox automatically detects these gaps and recovers the missing data so you’ll never have to worry about this.

“We can’t live without having visibility into email activities. This is the most important kind of communication with our customers.”

Aleksander Bury
Sales Operations at Paddle

Enters your data

You shouldn’t be copy-pasting data in the 21st century. With FunnelFox, account and contact data is captured automatically.

Works on any device

You can talk with customers on any phone, tablet, laptop, or computer. FunnelFox will track every customer interaction fully automatically.

Tracks progress

Knowing when action is required is what matters. FunnelFox will suggest next actions based on the activities in your accounts.